Our aim is to tackle deforestation by using paper to its fullest potential, supported with the production skills of our unique team members from the social organisation Athos Maastricht.

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As a project of Enactus Maastricht, we produce unique notebooks from one-sided printed paper. The idea stems from the desire to tackle paper waste since the amount of energy, resources and chemicals to make paper, even to recycle paper, is enormous.

arbor, in latin, translates to tree

At Arbor, we believe pre-recycling is just as important as recycling, but often overlooked. Our project aims to not only reuse paper and reduce paper waste, but also raise awareness about sustainability in the community.

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The project is about much more than reducing paper waste. We foster relationships. The relationships with your materials, your community and your choices. A special thing about Arbor is our relationship with Athos that provides work for people with distance from the labor market. Our friends Ken, Dane, David, and more at Athos are an important part of our team. We envision an inclusive, sustainable future.

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