Production team

Our Production Team is made up of dedicated individuals at social organization Athos. Each member has different skill sets valuable to the dynamic of Arbor and development of notebooks. They are bilingual in Dutch and English, allowing for them to work closely with our international members. Pictured from left to right: Dane, Ken, David. Thank you for helping us make an impact!

Core team

I am Natalia, born in Groningen (NL) and graduate student Sustainability Science & Policy at the UM. 

I am the project leader of Arbor so I keep close contact with our partners and focus on business development of the project. My passion for sustainability fits excellently with Arbor, as it not only focuses on the environmental domain but also on the social domain. I wholeheartedly believe that our economy needs to focus more on social participation and make this a more regular feature. With Arbor this is one of our pillars and we try to make a positive impact every day.

My name is Rosalie, I live in Amsterdam and work for KPMG. I am a long-time friend of Natalia, the project leader. After I was invited to participate in several soundboard sessions about Arbor’s business, its impact, and its developmental possibilities, I decided that I would love to be part of Arbor. The thought behind Arbor Notebooks – its focus on both a social and an environmental impact – and the energy and positivity of the people involved with Arbor, sparked my enthusiasm and matches perfectly with my interest in environmental and social issues. Luckily for me, with my financial background and working experience in strategy consultancy, I turned out to be a good addition to the team. My role within the team therefore mainly focuses on the financials as well as business strategy of Arbor. As a true believer of environmental and social initiatives like Arbor, I’m looking forward to help Arbor grow and spread the word.

My name is Thu, I am a third-year student at University College Maastricht, focusing on Business and Sociology. I believe that doing business and doing good are not mutually exclusive, and I aspire to do both at the same time.
At Arbor, not only can I pursue this mission, but I also find passionate teammates who work together towards the same goals of social and ecological sustainability. I do Marketing and Social Media for Arbor and assist in the production of notebooks!

My name is Johanna Wentges. I am 21 years old and currently studying Emerging Markets at the SBE here in Maastricht. I first heard about Arbor through Enactus Maastricht and after the first meeting when Natalia introduced us to the team and buildings, I was immediately excited about the Idea and working atmosphere in the project.

I enjoy breaking out of the uni daily routine and to set myself in a different surrounding, whilst combining sustainable and social aspects. I will definitely give my best and hope to contribute to the production improvement.

I assist Arbor in operations and communication with retailers.

I’m Miriam and I’m a Research Master’s student in Work and Organisational Psychology. I was born in Germany and did my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Radboud University. I started working for Arbor in September 2019 and I’m responsible for market research and measuring Arbor’s impact on environment and society. I strongly admire and support research that is informed by everyday issues at the workplace. Therefore, working at Arbor will help me to better address concepts such as integration of people with a distance to the labour market, diversification of the workforce and non-for-profit enterprises in my own research.


My name is Ángela, I am a second year European Public Health student at the UM. I am responsible for External Relations on the board of Enactus Maastricht but I started as a core member of Arbor in 2019 with profound interest in sustainability.
I like to be present for weekly production days with my friends at Athos and I maintain this website. I invite you to send me feedback through!

My name is Katarina and I am a third year International Business Emerging Markets student from Germany. I was the Head of Operations, overseeing the production of notebooks and was formerly on the board of Enactus Maastricht. After my second year working with the team, I am now on exchange in Chile and I am excited to watch this project grow!